Executive Recruitment

About the Council

The Council is made up of 43 Councillors who are elected every four years by the people who are registered to vote in West Berkshire. There are 24 electoral wards and each ward is represented by up to three Councillors.

Politically, the Council is currently composed of 24 Conservatives, 16  Liberal Democrats and 3 Green Party Councillors.

The Chairman of the Council is the civic head of the Council and is supported by the Vice-Chairman.

Council Management Structure

The council's management structure is headed by the Chief Executive, the most senior officer employed by the council as as Head of Paid Service.

The Chief Executive is supported by three Executive Directors responsible for; Place (Economy and Environment), People (Communities) and Resources (Support).

Senior Officer salaries, budgets, staffing responsibilities and summary job descriptions for the Chief Executive and Executive Directors are outlined in the pay policy statement and our transparency publications.

The current directorate structure and the departments/service units that sit within each is shown on the management structure chart.

Our district

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