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Vision and Values


Working together to make West Berkshire an even greater place in which to live, work and learn.


The way we do things is as important as what we do, and as such, our elected members, managers and employees have reviewed our overarching values and selected three new ones that reflect our current culture and behaviour:

  • Integrity
  • Customer focused
  • Fairness

Building on our Strengths

In determining which areas to focus on, and prioritise for improvement over the next four years, we have analysed our district’s profile, our achievements against our previous Council Strategy, and the needs of our residents. 

We have also considered the long term aspirations identified in the West Berkshire Vision 2036, and aligned our six new priorities for improvement to them. We have also listened to the feedback we have received from our residents across a range of consultation exercises.

The strategy builds on our district’s strengths: an affluent area, with a good economy and communication infrastructure, and great countryside.

We have identified our priorities by considering the areas in which we either compare less favourably nationally or with other similar local authorities, or where we need to continue to do well in order to maximise the outcomes for our residents and businesses.

Our priorities are grouped into four broad themes, sustainable and innovative together, protected and cared for, open for business and a great place, in order to illustrate their interdependence and the links to the West Berkshire Vision 2036. It is our aim to ensure our complex and wide ranging services adopt a collaborative approach to working to achieve these improvements.

In addition to the priorities, a key component of our Council Strategy relates to the delivery of our core business. These are the services that we are legally required to provide, of which there are more than 700 and include:

  • Protecting children.
  • Maintaining roads.
  • Collecting the bins and keeping the streets clean.
  • Providing benefits.
  • Collecting Council Tax and business rates.
  • Ensuring the wellbeing of older people and vulnerable adults.
  • Planning and housing.

The diagram below illustrates the Strategy’s framework, and subsequent sections provide the details for each priority including the needs (what we know) and commitments (what we will do).

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